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The Power of Intention and Energy


Two weeks ago I had the honor of mentoring, speaking, and meditating with 120 girls at the Girls Going Places Conference. 

Girls Going Places is an organization that teaches financial and entrepreneurial skills to girls ages 12-18. Some of these girls come from hardships within their families.

The day before the event, all the mentors were invited to a mentor orientation meeting. Right before the orientation, I set my intention to make an impact on these girls and to have them take away that they have the potential to achieve their dreams no matter what.

When I walked in, the director of the program greeted me and asked me if I could lead the upcoming event with a grounding meditation. Of course, I said yes!  Little did she know that before I got there I set my intention with my own meditation to help these girls tune into their own light.

On the day of the event, all of the mentors were assigned an original group of girls that we would sit with during the...

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What you send out will always come back to you

When people think of their purpose here on this planet, they think their contribution has to be a big one, like Oprah, Mother Teresa, or Gandhi. 

But such is not the case. Sometimes your purpose shows up with the little things. Often in the things, you take for granted.

That's why bringing present-moment awareness throughout your day will help you see the impact you have on others.

Last week I spent an entire day mentoring, speaking and meditating with 120 girls ages 12-18 for a Girls Going Places conference. (I'll share more about that experience in the weeks to can't make this up!)

The director of the program invited the mentors to dinner the day before the event.

As we finished up our dinner, the waitress brought out cannolis for everyone at our table. We didn't order cannolis.  We all looked at each other with a wtf expression.

She pointed to the director and said, "The guy sitting behind her bought you guys these cannolis because he read the message...

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Which one resonates with you more?

"I'll believe it when I see it, or I'll see it when I believe it."  Your answer holds the belief system that you're running unconsciously.

It's a common belief that success is determined by what we can see. We often think that if we can't see it, then it's not real. However, this isn't always the case.

The concept behind “I'll see it when I believe it” is that we can only achieve success if we believe in ourselves and our abilities. We must believe that we can do it before we can actually see it. This means that we must have faith in ourselves and our abilities, and that we must be willing to put in the dedication to make our dreams a reality. 

It's a reminder that success is not determined by what we can see, but by what we believe.

The phrase “I'll see it when I believe it"  is often used to describe the power of belief. It suggests that what we believe will determine what we see in our lives, and that our beliefs can...

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what to do when you're feeling low, 5 tips to lift you back up

It's easy to float through life when things are going well. But when things don't go your way, it's also easy to get swept up in the chaos, tripping over each move you make.

The struggle becomes real with each negative thought and it feels like you're stuck in mud. And the more you try to get out, the more you struggle.

But there is good in all of this. With each moment you have the power to take control of what you think and how you feel which allows you to take control of what you can.

Here are 5 tips to help pull out you of those low moments with more clarity and momentum toward what you really want.

  1. Stop what you're doing and take a DEEP BREATH in through your nose, filling your belly up with air and slowly exhaling out through your NOSE while deflating your belly back down. Not all breathing is created equal. This breathing will calm your nervous system and help you bring more peace into your fight-or-flight body. This will help you choose better...
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They said she couldn't, so she did!

As I struggled to find my happiness growing up, I knew that wasn't the way to live. That there had to be more to life.

And as navigated life, through the ups and downs, I did things differently than what most suggested I do.  I learned how to make my own way and deepen my connection to a higher power that knew more than I could ever see. I learned how to stand out when my entire life I hid.

When my divorce had me questioning whether I should be here or not, there was always something stronger tugging on the inside, telling me to keep going. People showed up that helped me see that path. Opportunities showed up in places I would have never thought about.

I learned that life is what YOU CREATE not something you settle for. 

And that's not always easy to do when you're faced with challenges that take your breath away.  But in those moments of defeat is when you awaken your true power and open up to the guidance of something bigger than yourself.

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Meet new people, do new things, and push yourself beyond what YOU think you can do!


What an incredible weekend with some epic humans! My Misgoi this year is to go all in, with Alldayrunningco. To meet more people, do new things, and live from my soul. 


I accomplished that and so much more! And it’s only January!  


The day started early for me. Left my house at 3:45 am to head to Clearwater Beach.  Got there around 6:30 am. 


Met up with new friends from Alldayrunning and ran a 5K.  We wasted no time heading over to the Members Only Area Sauna Village for some smoothies from Live Pure. 


Checked out The All Day merch. Got in a little sauna action, took a dip in the ocean, headed back to the Sauna, then went into the Cold Plunge, which lasted 2 minutes (my first and it felt freaking amazing once you get over the initial shock), headed back to the Suana, then back to the Cold Plunge (3 minutes), back to the Sauna, and back to the Cold Plunge (5 minutes). Check out the video above!


Had some...

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The two foundations of manifesting that you need to know

The two foundations that are essential in manifesting a life that brings you joy are mindset and understanding your energy.


Mindset stems from having a strong belief system rooted in faith and trust. 


Energy comes from understanding the vibration and frequency that you give off based on your emotions.


Past experiences can cause limiting beliefs, the beliefs that hold you back and prevent you from taking action which are fueled by feelings of being afraid, not feeling good enough, feeling rejected, judged, or being criticized.


When you have a strong mindset that keeps you focused on what you want, you direct the filter of your mind, your Reticular Activating system to filter out those moments to you, showing you things you didn’t see before.


When you are aware of your emotions throughout the day you can redirect yourself to how you want to feel instead.


When you combine the two with this heightened awareness you become a magnet to...

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Just a friendly reminder to never give up

Heartbreak can be brutal and cruel. No one can understand that kind of pain unless you've been through it.


It can strip away self-confidence, fuck with your belief system, break your trust and make you feel like a failure no matter how hard you try to move forward.


And if you have kids with your ex, the pain runs so much deeper.


Sometimes it will feel like you'll never be able to crawl out of this mess you're living.


Sometimes it will feel like you’ve run out of options.


And sometimes you’ll beg for a break only to find out that if you stop surviving and doing, something else will go wrong.


You’ll feel like you can’t take any more punches and want to give up.


But I am here to remind you, that you will thrive as a result of your heartbreak.


And if you knew what was waiting for you on the other side, my friend, you'd never give up.


You have to decide today that you’re not going to stand for...

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4 Processes to Help you Feel Better Now (FREE AUDIO TRAINING KIT)

Have you ever had a negative emotion get the best of you?

Where you've tried really hard to feel better but it was difficult to get there? 

Too often we think our thoughts will make us feel better first. Like If we change a negative thought to a positive thought we'll feel better.

But the truth is, sometimes that won't work if you have been holding onto the energy of negative thoughts for a long time.

How do you know you're holding onto that energy?

By the way you feel.

Is your body tight? Do you feel like you're constantly trying to keep your head above water or you can't catch a break?

Or do you find yourself being triggered by the little things?

Are you in survival mode with your emotions and thoughts?

If you're tired, feeling exhausted and drained, your energy is not flowing in a positive way and you'll end up attracting more of what you don't want.

How do you change that state?

By releasing the negative energy that you've been holding onto slowly.

Not waiting until it's...

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The 5 lessons I’ve learned on the Road to Moving on and Letting go from my Breakup

Your marriage has ended now what?


So many thoughts, emotions and memories flood your mind and body at the same time.


At times you don’t know if you’re in the middle of a bad dream or if this is really happening.


The ending of a marriage is debilitating and paralyzing.


When you decided to get married you thought about a future with that person, getting old, traveling together, raising kids together.


This is not what you pictured.


Now this is your reality.


While other families are planning vacations or traveling, or doing things as a family unit, you are trying to figure out what to do next with your life.


Which feels like you’re hanging on by a thread.


Uncertainty, fear and overwhelming thoughts surround you.


How are you ever going to get through this?


I’ve been where you are.


There are 5 major lessons I learned on my road to moving on and letting go and I’m going to...

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