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They said she couldn't, so she did!

As I struggled to find my happiness growing up, I knew that wasn't the way to live. That there had to be more to life.

And as navigated life, through the ups and downs, I did things differently than what most suggested I do.  I learned how to make my own way and deepen my connection to a higher power that knew more than I could ever see. I learned how to stand out when my entire life I hid.

When my divorce had me questioning whether I should be here or not, there was always something stronger tugging on the inside, telling me to keep going. People showed up that helped me see that path. Opportunities showed up in places I would have never thought about.

I learned that life is what YOU CREATE not something you settle for. 

And that's not always easy to do when you're faced with challenges that take your breath away.  But in those moments of defeat is when you awaken your true power and open up to the guidance of something bigger than yourself.

That's why I created The High Vibes Lounge, my 12-month membership, that teaches you how to shine your light, stand out and manifest your dreams, specifically a Misogi. A Misogi is one big goal that has the ability to impact every area of your life. It's your sacred goal that means something to you, that no one could take away.

Manifesting my own Misogi was part of the reason I was able to come out of the darkness I found myself falling into it. It gave me a purpose and allowed me to feel passion for life itself. Even when my world was falling apart.

Inside the Lounge, live the dreams of these women, that know they are meant for more but need help in awakening that part inside of them. I teach them the process of how to do just that.

One of the greatest things about my job, is I get to go on these incredible journeys with these ladies as they step into their light and manifest their dreams.

Meet Vicky. When I first met Vicky, it was 5 years ago. We met at a birthday party that our kids were attending. We hit it off right away. After that, we lost touch as life happened.

Then a year ago, at my son's mother-son dance, we found our way back to each other. As we talked, Vicky mentioned that she was looking to feel more peace in her life. She was going through a challenging situation and she was ready to do something different and be happy.

I mentioned the private meditation sessions that I taught on the water and she was all in.

Every Wednesday, we met in person for an hour.  Vicky started working with me to find more peace but she realized she was connecting to her purpose in life.

After a year of healing her past, which included loving on her inner child, she started to connect to her Future Self, becoming more confident in her path.

Her Misogi for 2023 was to start a podcast and make a difference in the world with her work.

Vicky was finally able to hear her inner calling and accomplish something that she never thought she could do but lived inside of her.

I am proud to announce that Vicky is in the process of manifesting her Misogi with the release of her new podcast "They said she couldn't, so she did!"

 This was a long time in the making and wasn't without some obstacles. But Vicky navigated them and she did it!

Now she is living a dream that was once dormant.

Her podcast is empowering, and uplifting and is going to awaken so many women.

Please join me in celebrating this milestone in Vicky's journey. And she's not done yet!

To those that have a dream that seems impossible, think again and take a chance on yourself!

You are worth it and so are your dreams!



About Vicky:

Vicky Guidi is the President and Founder of MedPulse Healthcare Consultants and Pulse
Empowerment with 20 years of experience in Revenue Cycle Management; with a diverse background in
revenue management, operations, and leadership development. 

Vicky prides herself in her ability to develop and empower leaders. She believes that integrity,
accountability, empathy, and inclusivity are the foundation of a leader. As a female leader of diverse
teams, she feels that leading by example is crucial.
Pulse Empowerment was founded because Vicky wants to share her knowledge to develop emerging
leaders to become great.

She’s passionate about helping other women do the same through her
empowerment and leadership coaching - to use their inner power to transform their lives.  As part of
her learning journey, she has recently created and launched, “They said she couldn’t, so she did!”
podcast, to help women find their voice in order to be empowered to live their life freely. 

Listen to "They said she couldn't, so she did!"

[email protected]