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The two foundations of manifesting that you need to know

The two foundations that are essential in manifesting a life that brings you joy are mindset and understanding your energy.


Mindset stems from having a strong belief system rooted in faith and trust. 


Energy comes from understanding the vibration and frequency that you give off based on your emotions.


Past experiences can cause limiting beliefs, the beliefs that hold you back and prevent you from taking action which are fueled by feelings of being afraid, not feeling good enough, feeling rejected, judged, or being criticized.


When you have a strong mindset that keeps you focused on what you want, you direct the filter of your mind, your Reticular Activating system to filter out those moments to you, showing you things you didn’t see before.


When you are aware of your emotions throughout the day you can redirect yourself to how you want to feel instead.


When you combine the two with this heightened awareness you become a magnet to what you want to attract, even if you don’t have all the answers or the steps.


People start to show up that support you and opportunities become available where there weren't any before.


The problem is that when shit hits the fan, your nervous system is triggered into fight or flight and you start to see only the negative. 


And that’s a loop that’s easy to get stuck in.  You start to doubt yourself, your worthiness, and your offerings to others. 


From that space, you begin to self-sabotage your goals and your dreams.


A way to avoid this and to build a strong foundation of these two pillars, Mindset and Energy, is to create a daily non-negotiables list for you to follow.


Consider it the life jacket that you grab when things in your life get shaky. 


One of your non-negotiables could be to ground yourself in gratitude upon waking up before you start the day, not checking your phone for 30 minutes to an hour when you wake up so you can focus on grounding your energy first, or call on friends who uplift and support you when you feel yourself sinking into darkness.


The faster you get a handle on your thoughts and emotions, the easier it is to stay in alignment with what it is that you want to bring into your life.


Your thoughts and feelings are within your control. And when you stay focused on what matters to you, your outer reality begins to shift in ways that your conscious mind would not be able to grasp in a negative cycle.


You become more open to receiving what you want, by eliminating the thoughts and feelings holding you back.


Think about what you want out of this life, and take notice of how you react in situations that get the better of you.


Then see how you can incorporate your daily non-negotiable into your everyday routine to help you create a strong foundation of mindset and energy to keep you moving forward.


Remember, you are worth it and so are your dreams!