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High Vibers!

"I have been working with Vita and following her group for a few years now. Her lessons and guidance have been such a blessing, but to be honest, it has taken me a very long time - and a lot of personal growth - to truly believe that I was actually worth receiving the things that she said I deserved. She began talking about picking a MISOGI , breathing, and focusing on what I wanted the most. I really wanted a partner and a new relationship, but I was scared of taking that leap. With Vita’s guidance and the support of the group…and a lot of breathing lol, I began focusing on my MISOGI. Within a week, a guy that I secretly had been interested in asked me out!!!! I was scared, excited, and amazed!!! Vita and her group was with me every step of the way and supported and talked me through everything! Doing the work is hard. Bouncing back from the inevitable setbacks and triggers are hard. But the confidence and strength that are gained along the way are definitely worth it! The lessons and tools that I have learned through Vita’s group have been more valuable than any other book/seminar/therapy session/or anything else I’ve ever been involved with. And now, I have a new partner to prove it!"

Monica H.


I met Vita in 2019 at an event that both our boys were attending. We spoke about her work helping women healing after divorce, I was intrigued but was not dealing with a divorce at the time. So, I didn’t look into it any further. As we all do at times, I lost her her number and time passed. Until one day, during this pandemic in 2022, I was feeling lost, down and exhausted; so I asked God for strength and guidance. In March of this year, my son failed to inform me about a mother/son dance that evening, I called the school and was told we could participate as long as I paid before the end of school. So, guess who I ran into at this event , Vita, we started talking and she said in her calming voice, let’s dance! So dancing we did, Lol. She reminded me on what she did and it clicked. She asked me to join her for a session and I accepted. WOW, who knew we take the simplest thing for granted, to BREATHE. It was the best experience I have had, my prayers were answered. Every session I have with Vita gets me that much closer to my dreams and destiny. Because of my sessions with her I have done an about-face on my career, my relationships with others have drastically improved and I have started to work on past experiences that have framed my life. Who would have thought, my request to the universe was answered by a chance reunion with Vita. If you have ever been in a situation where you have doubted yourself or lost your bearings, sessions with Vita will definitely get you back on track! She has a gift to make you feel safe and reassures you that things will work out. She’s always encouraging you and the best thing of all, is that she is real, she practices what she teaches us. The time I get to spend with her is priceless! She is a gift this world has given to us and everyone women needs her in their life. Thank you, Vita!"

Vicky G.


"If you have ever considered doing meditations with Vita, I highly recommend you do so. I started working with Vita in September. They are incredibly powerful and have made an enormous change in my life since that time. I have released soooo much that was holding me back- and while it was not always easy- sometimes it was freakin hard, scary, rigorous, and painful.  It was also worth it.  If you have read my posts since Sept, you know many of the changes that have occurred, from choosing to rehome my dog, the final stages of divorce, interviewing for a new job (that I did not want) but it worked out better than I could have imagined, been a part of a murder mystery interactive theater troupe (a dream for forever), dealt with the dating scene, started 4 #pacts with Amanda Shipley, moved to a new city (that my intuition pulled me to- in which I had no work, no friends, no family and yet knew something greater was there for me), was invited to a recording studio from a random interaction one evening after moving here. I am  continuing to focus my energy in this area of music (I had never sung solo in public or done karaoke- though it was on my bucket list).  And while I know I will continue to face struggles, it will require work and improvement and action on my part in the areas of my life I want to create, including this one,  it is worth it and the meditations are an integral part of supporting  all areas of my life in multiple ways. Again, if you have even and inking that you want to see how they. can help you grow, just DO IT and work with Vita."

Michelle S.


"Vita's breath work breaks are revolutionary! From experiencing restlessness, fatigue and brain fog's these sessions literally change my physiology and allow me to feel energized, find clarity and peacefulness.It even dissipated a headache I had before the session! Vita's program are a game changer if you want to feel good in your body and mind in ten minutes!"

Tulshi V


I'm a high-achiever who is always after and creating big goals. And sometimes I forget to breathe... at least not deeply. Until I started up again last week after joining Kavita Lagalla in the High Vibes Lounge. Since then, the breath-work has given me those 5-15 minutes of time throughout my day to have to myself, to reconnect in an intentional way with the vision of what I'm creating next in my life...and it has fueled up the work I'm doing in my day. After just two weeks inside now, I've already drawn in an additional 5-figures in my business that I didn't have before. With that, I've decided to enroll in a new certification program I'm thrilled about that's going to help my clients even deeper which means I'm making an even bigger impact.All since stepping into the lounge. I'm also feeling like I'm able to get myself into a higher energy place much more quickly than before. Breathwork is such a valuable tool that just works!Join the lounge now... seriously. If you have something you want to create (even if it's simply just feeling better!) --Get moving on making your dreams and goals happen quicker and join. I've been divorced... I know the struggle and the pain. Now, 5 years after it - here I am. Whatever you want is possible for you too. But you have to do the work! (But the work can be so much fun and make your life so much more enjoyable!) Thank you, Vita - you're amazing!

Rebecca B.


Today’s session was about picking an energy to focus on throughout the day. Since I am home sick, I decided that needed to be a healing energy. I am amazed with how well that energy is treating me as a few hours ago I figured I was going to be in bed all day again and now I am actually wondering why I took the day off of work (I know I needed to be off today but I am feeling so much better after the morning session!). Thanks Vita!

Amanda S.


"Thank you so much for your time, expertise and talent. Every time you have Wow me! I have great appreciation for how Vita elicited answers from me that extracted emotions I thought I had dealt with, and in doing so, resolved core issues. I am so impressed and I was so happily surprised by each and every session I had with Vita. I enrolled in Vita’s Coaching Sessions with very low expectations as I am not often impressed. However, I was soon won over by her expertise, sincerity, and natural talent for what she does best: Life Coaching with a passion. If you are looking for a Life Coach, I strongly recommend Vita as she is a Chef among cooks in the world of Life coaches."

Vera Lyoubovskya (Chicago)


“I have had the pleasure of being coached by Vita. She is incredibly intuitive and is able to see and hear past that information you give her and get right to the real issues quickly. She is very supportive and is like having a “big hug” every time you speak with her. I highly recommend her to anyone feeling the need to get some clarity in their life and to follow their dreams, she can make this happen.”

Lori Karpman (Canada)


"Vita has impacted my life in a positive way, she has changed it for the better. When I started personal counseling with her, my life was pretty low. I was struggling as a mom of two and my marriage was almost over. I had decades under my belt of bad coping mechanisms and had become very bitter and angry from a rocky beginning. I had hit a point in my life where I knew I wanted to change but didn't know how. All of the other ways I had tried had failed. Vita taught me the tools I needed to live a successful, happy life. I now have a different perspective and an array of strategies to use when my old triggers pop up. I am seeing my life completely differently and for once have an understanding of how to be content and influence others around me! I can not thank her enough!"

Candice Wilson  (Florida)


"Working with Vita has been such a beneficial experience for me.  The insights she has are spot on and help me to feel like she really understands what I'm going though in the moment.  Her compassionate and caring nature helps me feel like I'm talking to a trusted friend who has my best interest at heart.  She is great at leading me through exercises and gives enough details and information so that I can continue to work on my own between our sessions as well.  I have seen the Law of Attraction working in my life and am excited to continue working with her for even more support to further create the life of my dreams."

Sandy Hall   (Massachusetts)


"There is something about Vita that makes me just want to reach out and find comfort in her.  She made me feel supported on every call and allowed me to talk about what was bothering me but didn't let me stay in that place for too long.  She helped me to get clear about what I wanted and come up with action steps to help me to get there. With her guidance I was able to attract more abundance into my life, more than I originally had anticipated for. Her techniques work if you commit to doing the work! I love knowing that I can connect with her at any time and the support is always there if ever I need it."

Gabriella (San Diego)


"I first met Vita after a very tumultuous and abusive 30 year marriage.  I was planning our (my now adult child and I) escape for years. I had to be very careful or it could have ended very badly. Finally, it was going to happen. I knew it was going to be rough. We packed up my dying car and left PA for my sister's in Florida. This is where we met Vita. 

They say people come in and out of our lives for purposes. This was the time for us to meet Vita. Her light and teachings brought light into our lives during a very rough time. She guided us to be more positive and taught us to look for and expect abundance and be grateful for everything in our lives. I am not sure I could have thrived in such a difficult time but for Vita and her teachings and support. She uses her own experiences for good and takes what she has been through and makes that a positive thing for those of us going through similar circumstances.

In under a year, I left an abusive relationship, moved to Florida, bought a new car, moved to Georgia where I bought a house and am making it my own. I have everything I need, and am so very content and happy now. 

I look back on just how much our lives have changed in such a short time, how happy we are and I am so forever grateful for Vita, and the power of the universe that brought us together. If Vita was brought into your life, it is for a reason. We are so blessed to call her a friend."

Sally and Brandi Y


This is what one of our members said about our private community:

"It's been a crazy year to say the least. So many changes .....A little over a year ago, I was riddled with fear and grief. But I held onto my motto : 'Chin Up, Eyes Forward' . I'm here today to let you all know that it does in fact get better. At first, I felt so lost. My ex was my college sweetheart. I was with him for 41 years, married for 36. This was 2/3 of my life with a man who ultimately betrayed me less than a year after my parents (both with brain cancer) died within 4 days of each other. I worked through so much grief. But I did so only with the love and support of family and friends and all of you here!! So I want to say thank you to all you lovely ladies from the bottom of my heart! I have come to be ever so grateful that God has reshuffled the deck and my life is falling into place once again."


  1. Someone is always available day and night to lend support,give advice, or a virtual hug, etc. So you realize you are never alone
  2. We have a shared experience and can relate on so many levels
  3. Group members are the best cheerleaders always encouraging, inspiring....since we are in different stages in the process, those who are further along can be the 'holders of hope' for the newcomers
  4. There is an ongoing theme to focus on self care and empowerment and (
  5. Karma comes up a lot. Though a bit devious----We all take delight when members experience Karma in action! Its healthy to share fantasies! And
  6. Though virtual-- friendships do form. There is a continuity as we follow each other's stories. We have a sister bond. And we come to know this is our tribe now."

Karen Bidwell (Connecticut)