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Meet new people, do new things, and push yourself beyond what YOU think you can do!


What an incredible weekend with some epic humans! My Misgoi this year is to go all in, with Alldayrunningco. To meet more people, do new things, and live from my soul. 


I accomplished that and so much more! And it’s only January!  


The day started early for me. Left my house at 3:45 am to head to Clearwater Beach.  Got there around 6:30 am. 


Met up with new friends from Alldayrunning and ran a 5K.  We wasted no time heading over to the Members Only Area Sauna Village for some smoothies from Live Pure. 


Checked out The All Day merch. Got in a little sauna action, took a dip in the ocean, headed back to the Sauna, then went into the Cold Plunge, which lasted 2 minutes (my first and it felt freaking amazing once you get over the initial shock), headed back to the Suana, then back to the Cold Plunge (3 minutes), back to the Sauna, and back to the Cold Plunge (5 minutes). Check out the video above!


Had some fireside chats while sipping on Coconuts from Florida Coconuts,  and drank more smoothies.


Went for a walk on the beach, talked to some epic humans, made some great connections, and had an amazing experience with some High Vibing humans. 


Having a Misogi transformed my life when I was going through a dark and painful experience from my divorce. I’ve never looked back since and I’m proud of the work we’re doing inside The High Vibes Lounge in manifesting Misogis. 


If you don’t have a Misogi, I highly suggest picking one for the year and push yourself beyond what you think you can do.


Never did I ever expect an experience like the one I had this weekend. What an unforgettable day feeding my soul! 





ps: Check out more pics on my Instagram @thehighvibeslounge