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The Power of Intention and Energy


Two weeks ago I had the honor of mentoring, speaking, and meditating with 120 girls at the Girls Going Places Conference. 

Girls Going Places is an organization that teaches financial and entrepreneurial skills to girls ages 12-18. Some of these girls come from hardships within their families.

The day before the event, all the mentors were invited to a mentor orientation meeting. Right before the orientation, I set my intention to make an impact on these girls and to have them take away that they have the potential to achieve their dreams no matter what.

When I walked in, the director of the program greeted me and asked me if I could lead the upcoming event with a grounding meditation. Of course, I said yes!  Little did she know that before I got there I set my intention with my own meditation to help these girls tune into their own light.

On the day of the event, all of the mentors were assigned an original group of girls that we would sit with during the...

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What you send out will always come back to you

When people think of their purpose here on this planet, they think their contribution has to be a big one, like Oprah, Mother Teresa, or Gandhi. 

But such is not the case. Sometimes your purpose shows up with the little things. Often in the things, you take for granted.

That's why bringing present-moment awareness throughout your day will help you see the impact you have on others.

Last week I spent an entire day mentoring, speaking and meditating with 120 girls ages 12-18 for a Girls Going Places conference. (I'll share more about that experience in the weeks to can't make this up!)

The director of the program invited the mentors to dinner the day before the event.

As we finished up our dinner, the waitress brought out cannolis for everyone at our table. We didn't order cannolis.  We all looked at each other with a wtf expression.

She pointed to the director and said, "The guy sitting behind her bought you guys these cannolis because he read the message...

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Meet new people, do new things, and push yourself beyond what YOU think you can do!


What an incredible weekend with some epic humans! My Misgoi this year is to go all in, with Alldayrunningco. To meet more people, do new things, and live from my soul. 


I accomplished that and so much more! And it’s only January!  


The day started early for me. Left my house at 3:45 am to head to Clearwater Beach.  Got there around 6:30 am. 


Met up with new friends from Alldayrunning and ran a 5K.  We wasted no time heading over to the Members Only Area Sauna Village for some smoothies from Live Pure. 


Checked out The All Day merch. Got in a little sauna action, took a dip in the ocean, headed back to the Sauna, then went into the Cold Plunge, which lasted 2 minutes (my first and it felt freaking amazing once you get over the initial shock), headed back to the Suana, then back to the Cold Plunge (3 minutes), back to the Sauna, and back to the Cold Plunge (5 minutes). Check out the video above!


Had some...

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The two foundations of manifesting that you need to know

The two foundations that are essential in manifesting a life that brings you joy are mindset and understanding your energy.


Mindset stems from having a strong belief system rooted in faith and trust. 


Energy comes from understanding the vibration and frequency that you give off based on your emotions.


Past experiences can cause limiting beliefs, the beliefs that hold you back and prevent you from taking action which are fueled by feelings of being afraid, not feeling good enough, feeling rejected, judged, or being criticized.


When you have a strong mindset that keeps you focused on what you want, you direct the filter of your mind, your Reticular Activating system to filter out those moments to you, showing you things you didn’t see before.


When you are aware of your emotions throughout the day you can redirect yourself to how you want to feel instead.


When you combine the two with this heightened awareness you become a magnet to...

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5 Plus Tips to Help you Rock 2020

energy habits intention Jan 01, 2020

Hey there!

And just like that we're in 2020! Happy new year!  How many times have you heard that in the last few days?

Now we're here, so now what?

Have you written down your intentions for the new year?  have you created a list of habits to go hand in hand with those intentions?

Now is the time to start taking action.  Yes we have entered into a new year but really every moment is a moment to get closer to your desires. 

It just so happens that the beginning of the year is when people really start thinking about resetting their priorities in life. They start reevaluating their life. 

We so often think that we need to wait for THIS to happen before we can feel THIS.  The truth is when we keep the space of waiting, we create the energy for waiting.  And the things we want take longer to show up.

The real magic is being present and taking action towards what you want every day.  Not waiting for something to happen to feel good. 


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Are your thoughts making you WEAK?


Have you ever had days where sometimes you just feel so drained and tired? That your day to day experiences feel like they're sucking the life right outta you?

Yup, been there, done that.  When I reflect back on those particular days, I notice it's when I'm giving my attention to the things that bring me down.  Like a person I'm interacting with, or a situation that I'm dealing with. 

Our thoughts are energy. They create feelings that are also energetic. 

Imagine when you get really heated about something.  And you can feel the blood rush to your face, your shoulders tense up and your stomach begins to feel twisted up.  What do you think is happening?  Do you think you ate something bad?   It's possible. Or maybe the thoughts you just consumed got you all out of sorts.

Have you wondered about the thoughts you feed your body?  How they can make you feel strong, empowered or weak.

Bet you haven't given...

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