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The 5 lessons I’ve learned on the Road to Moving on and Letting go from my Breakup

Your marriage has ended now what?


So many thoughts, emotions and memories flood your mind and body at the same time.


At times you don’t know if you’re in the middle of a bad dream or if this is really happening.


The ending of a marriage is debilitating and paralyzing.


When you decided to get married you thought about a future with that person, getting old, traveling together, raising kids together.


This is not what you pictured.


Now this is your reality.


While other families are planning vacations or traveling, or doing things as a family unit, you are trying to figure out what to do next with your life.


Which feels like you’re hanging on by a thread.


Uncertainty, fear and overwhelming thoughts surround you.


How are you ever going to get through this?


I’ve been where you are.


There are 5 major lessons I learned on my road to moving on and letting go and I’m going to...

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35 Empowering Thoughts to Have

Hey there!

I hear this all the time, Vita i know i need to change this but I can't do it, i just can't do it, i don't know how.

As much as going under the covers and hiding when something scares us (sounds intriguing sometimes right) the reality is we have to face our fears.  Did you read my email last week when I talked about overcoming two of my fears..oh baby was it good. Go check it out now if you didn't. (if it went to your spam, add me to your contacts so you never miss one of my crazy but true stories). 

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Sometimes the biggest struggle we have and we don't even realize it, is noticing when we have disempowering thoughts. And that can be scary when we realize we need to change the way we've been thinking. Especially when you've been doing it for like, your whole life! 

Disempowering thoughts are so freaking destructive that it will keep you playing small, it will shrink you down to the size of the kids...

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How to Create what you want


Hey there!

Hope you're having a fabulous week so far.  And if you're not, don't worry, I've got just the thing for you!

Earlier this week i was coaching a student of mine.  She acted out of impulse during a recent fight with her partner.  Every bone in her body advised her not to do what she did but her thoughts said something different.  

Instead of taking the time to align her thoughts and her emotions, she acted out based on her thoughts and now her relationship is in jeopardy. 

She kept saying to me, I want this, how do i create this, I want that, how do i create that?. Now this student knows very well the manifestation process.  She was committed to the process right after her divorce and she created so many wonderful things in her life for herself and for her kids. But do you know where she tripped up?

She STOPPED PRACTICING being aware of her thoughts and feelings.  Things went so well for her that she...

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Are your thoughts making you WEAK?


Have you ever had days where sometimes you just feel so drained and tired? That your day to day experiences feel like they're sucking the life right outta you?

Yup, been there, done that.  When I reflect back on those particular days, I notice it's when I'm giving my attention to the things that bring me down.  Like a person I'm interacting with, or a situation that I'm dealing with. 

Our thoughts are energy. They create feelings that are also energetic. 

Imagine when you get really heated about something.  And you can feel the blood rush to your face, your shoulders tense up and your stomach begins to feel twisted up.  What do you think is happening?  Do you think you ate something bad?   It's possible. Or maybe the thoughts you just consumed got you all out of sorts.

Have you wondered about the thoughts you feed your body?  How they can make you feel strong, empowered or weak.

Bet you haven't given...

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How To Turn Fear Into Fuel

We all have moments where fear can stop us right in our tracks.  We start looking at all the things going wrong and become scared of what’s to come.  Sometimes life hands us situations that seem like a challenge and obstacle and that’s when most of us give up on the thing we want.  We allow that fear to consume us and feed into it. We can’t see the gift in the challenge, that opportunity for growth and discovery.

So how do we turn fear into something positive, into something that can benefit us and allow us to receive what we truly want?  We first have become AWARE of what is making us scared. Becoming aware of why we are afraid, can help us get clear on what we do want.  When we know what we DON’T want, that helps us understand what we DO want. Anytime you experience a situation where you can easily list out all the things you don’t like about it, stop for a second and become conscious of the moment you can flip your story.


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Change Begins With This One Thing

Have you ever found yourself wanting to change something in your life but repeating the same old habits? You’re not alone.  Back in the days, I would get very clear in what I wanted to change but when it came down to it, I rarely ever did anything about it.  It was as if I was paralyzed in my own step and the only thing I did know was how to repeat the same old destructive patterns that kept me stuck.  In my mind I thought, well at least I had good intentions. Little did I know back then, that your intentions mean nothing unless you are willing to take the action steps after you get clear on what you want.

So what am I getting at today?  More often than not I see people struggling with certain situations and circumstances in their life.  Hell I’ve been through my share of ups and downs and still continue to go through them. The only difference now is when I feel something I don’t want to, I simply bring my AWARENESS back to what I WANT....

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