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How a Negative Encounter Can Turn Into A Gift

This past week I learned a huge lesson from the universe based on an interaction I had with my ex-husband and his girlfriend.  One that has been a long time in the making. Apparently I've been taking my time on learning this one thing.

There are always going to be people that will try and bring you down.  They will get enjoyment from your failures and they will sit back and laugh as you suffer or what they think is suffering. They will laugh at your pain. They will judge and criticize you and of course in their eyes they are perfect.  

Those types of people always look at the negative in your situation, always look at the bad and thrive off of getting validation from others about their views and opinions.  They can easily justify why they say the things they say and do everything they can to bring you down to their level. The mistakes you make, the hurts you feel are only fuel for them.  It’s like loading them up with more ammo to keep shooting your...

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