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4 Processes to Help you Feel Better Now (FREE AUDIO TRAINING KIT)

Have you ever had a negative emotion get the best of you?

Where you've tried really hard to feel better but it was difficult to get there? 

Too often we think our thoughts will make us feel better first. Like If we change a negative thought to a positive thought we'll feel better.

But the truth is, sometimes that won't work if you have been holding onto the energy of negative thoughts for a long time.

How do you know you're holding onto that energy?

By the way you feel.

Is your body tight? Do you feel like you're constantly trying to keep your head above water or you can't catch a break?

Or do you find yourself being triggered by the little things?

Are you in survival mode with your emotions and thoughts?

If you're tired, feeling exhausted and drained, your energy is not flowing in a positive way and you'll end up attracting more of what you don't want.

How do you change that state?

By releasing the negative energy that you've been holding onto slowly.

Not waiting until it's too much to handle.

I've created a free heartbreak survival kit audio training to help you with this.

You'll learn 4 processes to help you feel better now, change your emotional state and attract the things you actually want.

This is how you start making the energetic shifts to change your vibration to feel good and start living your life.

The processes in this kit will help you to find relief and feel better faster.  You will see how you are always supported and divinely guided. And no matter what you’ve been through in life, you can be happy.

You'll learn:

  • The 90 Second Process
  • 3 Questions to Ask yourself
  • 30 Second Breathing Breaks
  • An Affirmation to Activate the Law of Attraction and your Reticular Activating system

Divorce can strip you from seeing possibilities, from feeling good and enjoying life.

Sometimes it feels like all you’re doing is living in a constant state of survival mode. If it's not financial problems, then it's co-parenting issues, if it's not co-parenting, it's dating again and opening up your heart, and if it's not that it’s something else that’s linked to your previous life. A reminder of how painful starting over can be.

If we stay in the energy of what we don’t have and what we’re missing, it can seem like everything is a struggle sometimes. 

And while things may be difficult, it doesn’t have to stay like that.

You have the power to create new energy and an even better life.

Even if you can’t see that yet.

You don’t need to wait for this or that to happen first.

You can start to create momentum towards the life that you want.

Download your FREE Heartbreak Survival Kit Audio training and learn how to empower yourself with 4 processes to help you find relief and feel better now.

You are worth it and so are your dreams!

Access your Kit HERE.