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This One Thing Will Change Your Life

Have you ever had days where you feel like everything that could get you down, does? Roadblocks keep showing up, feelings of overwhelm takes over, and sometimes just staying in bed under the covers seem like the best option.

That pretty much summarizes my last week. Yes, I said it, even as a Law of Attraction Coach I do experience those moments.  When moments like that show up it forces me to look at my situation and focus on what I want rather than the lack of what I am observing.

There was a time last week where I was absorbing everything around me not knowing exactly what to do or how to handle the issues that were popping up.  It felt like time was standing still and I saw in slow motion all of these problems circling me, and holding me in my position unable to move. Fear and anxiety started creeping in along with their friends worry and overwhelm.  I don’t like them by the way.

As humans we try and control everything.  It’s in our nature to come...

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