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5 Plus Tips to Help you Rock 2020

energy habits intention Jan 01, 2020

Hey there!

And just like that we're in 2020! Happy new year!  How many times have you heard that in the last few days?

Now we're here, so now what?

Have you written down your intentions for the new year?  have you created a list of habits to go hand in hand with those intentions?

Now is the time to start taking action.  Yes we have entered into a new year but really every moment is a moment to get closer to your desires. 

It just so happens that the beginning of the year is when people really start thinking about resetting their priorities in life. They start reevaluating their life. 

We so often think that we need to wait for THIS to happen before we can feel THIS.  The truth is when we keep the space of waiting, we create the energy for waiting.  And the things we want take longer to show up.

The real magic is being present and taking action towards what you want every day.  Not waiting for something to happen to feel good. 


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