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Change Begins With This One Thing

Have you ever found yourself wanting to change something in your life but repeating the same old habits? You’re not alone.  Back in the days, I would get very clear in what I wanted to change but when it came down to it, I rarely ever did anything about it.  It was as if I was paralyzed in my own step and the only thing I did know was how to repeat the same old destructive patterns that kept me stuck.  In my mind I thought, well at least I had good intentions. Little did I know back then, that your intentions mean nothing unless you are willing to take the action steps after you get clear on what you want.

So what am I getting at today?  More often than not I see people struggling with certain situations and circumstances in their life.  Hell I’ve been through my share of ups and downs and still continue to go through them. The only difference now is when I feel something I don’t want to, I simply bring my AWARENESS back to what I WANT....

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