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Just a friendly reminder to never give up

Heartbreak can be brutal and cruel. No one can understand that kind of pain unless you've been through it.


It can strip away self-confidence, fuck with your belief system, break your trust and make you feel like a failure no matter how hard you try to move forward.


And if you have kids with your ex, the pain runs so much deeper.


Sometimes it will feel like you'll never be able to crawl out of this mess you're living.


Sometimes it will feel like you’ve run out of options.


And sometimes you’ll beg for a break only to find out that if you stop surviving and doing, something else will go wrong.


You’ll feel like you can’t take any more punches and want to give up.


But I am here to remind you, that you will thrive as a result of your heartbreak.


And if you knew what was waiting for you on the other side, my friend, you'd never give up.


You have to decide today that you’re not going to stand for...

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