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How to feel better: My best advice from my own divorce

Remember how you felt on your wedding day.


Full of joy and anticipation.


Mostly excited to party with friends and family after months and months of wedding planning.


Now you’re someone's wife and you get to call him your husband.


It's like a club and since you were a little girl, you've been waiting to get into.


And now that day is here.


It’s every girl's dream.


Do you remember looking at bridal magazines as a young girl and happily planning your big day as they call it, in your mind.


You knew the dress you wanted, the flowers and even what your ring looked like. 


I know I did. Strapless Swarovski crystal lace dress with cali lilies and roses and a princess cut with side baguette platinum ring.


I loved spending time at my local library.


Back then we didn't have the simple pleasure known as the internet in our house so i spent many days in the library doing school work.  



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Which Going with the Flow Type are You?



You're probably thinking, what the hell is a "going with the flow" type?

Well my friend, I made up the term on a coaching call with one of my clients in my entrepreneurial mentorship program..true story.

We were talking about something, where she completely gave up control of a situation in her life.

She didn't do anything.

She didn't react or respond.

She didn't try and change her thoughts around it.

She didn't ask herself what she wanted instead.

What she did was apply the statement "I'm going with the flow" to her everyday life.

That going with the flow mentality cost her thousands of lost dollars in her business.

She didn't consciously do something to lose that much money but it was what she didn’t do that allowed someone else to control the outcome of what happened to her.

That's when I broke down the two types for her and the term was created..Viola!

(Can you tell I've been playing lots of magic games with my kids lately?)

So, what’s the...

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How to Create what you want


Hey there!

Hope you're having a fabulous week so far.  And if you're not, don't worry, I've got just the thing for you!

Earlier this week i was coaching a student of mine.  She acted out of impulse during a recent fight with her partner.  Every bone in her body advised her not to do what she did but her thoughts said something different.  

Instead of taking the time to align her thoughts and her emotions, she acted out based on her thoughts and now her relationship is in jeopardy. 

She kept saying to me, I want this, how do i create this, I want that, how do i create that?. Now this student knows very well the manifestation process.  She was committed to the process right after her divorce and she created so many wonderful things in her life for herself and for her kids. But do you know where she tripped up?

She STOPPED PRACTICING being aware of her thoughts and feelings.  Things went so well for her that she...

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