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How To Find Hope When You Get Knocked Down

We’ve all had moments in our life where we have fallen down, gotten knocked over and can’t really figure out how to get back up.  

Sometimes it feels like we're going through an obstacle course where we keep hitting blocks and walls and we get further frustrated, let down and disappointed.  Does that sound like something you’ve experienced? I know I have.

In all of the situations where I've experienced powerlessness, in that very second, I've had to remind myself that I am not powerless, that I do have control.  

The one thing I can control is what I'm thinking. My thinking then controls how I am feeling and my feelings lead me to a path of action and reaction.

Last week my sweet little boy started kindergarten.  It was a day full of emotions. Some of those emotions had me crying in the parking lot. I drove away sobbing, knowing I was leaving him in a big, brand new place. Not only was I crying because of that but mostly because I was...

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