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They said she couldn't, so she did!

As I struggled to find my happiness growing up, I knew that wasn't the way to live. That there had to be more to life.

And as navigated life, through the ups and downs, I did things differently than what most suggested I do.  I learned how to make my own way and deepen my connection to a higher power that knew more than I could ever see. I learned how to stand out when my entire life I hid.

When my divorce had me questioning whether I should be here or not, there was always something stronger tugging on the inside, telling me to keep going. People showed up that helped me see that path. Opportunities showed up in places I would have never thought about.

I learned that life is what YOU CREATE not something you settle for. 

And that's not always easy to do when you're faced with challenges that take your breath away.  But in those moments of defeat is when you awaken your true power and open up to the guidance of something bigger than yourself.

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