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What you send out will always come back to you

When people think of their purpose here on this planet, they think their contribution has to be a big one, like Oprah, Mother Teresa, or Gandhi. 

But such is not the case. Sometimes your purpose shows up with the little things. Often in the things, you take for granted.

That's why bringing present-moment awareness throughout your day will help you see the impact you have on others.

Last week I spent an entire day mentoring, speaking and meditating with 120 girls ages 12-18 for a Girls Going Places conference. (I'll share more about that experience in the weeks to can't make this up!)

The director of the program invited the mentors to dinner the day before the event.

As we finished up our dinner, the waitress brought out cannolis for everyone at our table. We didn't order cannolis.  We all looked at each other with a wtf expression.

She pointed to the director and said, "The guy sitting behind her bought you guys these cannolis because he read the message...

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3 Ways to Use Affirmations To Claim Your Power And Boost Your Confidence

Affirmations offer a powerful way to create changes in your life. Affirmations are positive statements that help you focus your awareness on your ability to create what you want as well as expand your awareness of what you can have.

When I first heard about affirmations I didn’t believe they did anything.  With that said can you guess what happened? They never worked for me! I gave up on them before I could understand the true transformation they could provide. That is until I started working with them again but this time the results were so much better.

When you are around people that hurt you and disappoint you, your sense of self-esteem and confidence diminishes.  Whether it’s someone you’re in a relationship with, a co-worker, your boss or a parent it happens. And if you’re reading this and thinking, I have great confidence, my self-esteem is perfect then I hate to say you’re full of crap. Let’s get real here, we’ve all had...

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