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5 Tips To Help You Move On From Your Marriage

So your marriage just ended.  Now what? Aside from losing your partner in crime, your best friend, you now have to establish a new mode of living.  From organizing your home, possibly moving, and trying to hide the memories of what once was, the divorce process is a roller coaster of emotions.

Some days are harder than others.  Songs that come on the radio, shows that you use to watch together, friends that you use to hang out with, are now behind you.

How can you go from intertwining your life with someone to feeling so alone and alienated?  For your friends and family that have never been through this process, they will never understand what you’re going through.  No matter how hard they try, no one gets it unless you’ve been through it.  It’s just one of those things in life that you have to experience in order to fully get it.

Moving on from your marriage is more than just moving on from your marriage.  It’s a little...

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3 Ways To Release Resistance Around A Subject

3 Ways To Release Resistance Around A Subject

We all have something we bump up against that causes us to feel tension and constriction.  Whether it’s in our careers, relationships or just every day things in life. This past week I noticed how many people around me were bumping up against things in their life and felt stuck in their situation.

When my father’s alcoholism began to take form in my early teenage years, there were many times I felt consumed by it.  Wondering if things would get any better and how it would happen. I spent 14 years feeling stuck and unhappy. I wouldn’t recommend you do the same.   Helping people shift their way of thinking has become my passion and mission. I know how powerful it can be and once you make it part of your lifestyle.

As a society in general we always tend to move towards what isn’t working in our lives.  We focus on what makes us feel bad. The boss that gets on our nerves, the husband or wife...

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