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Do This One Thing When You Feel Like Giving Up

When we make the decision to change something unpleasant in our lives, the things that are no longer fulfilling our souls, the steps to change can be very uncomfortable.  When we decide to end a toxic relationship, change jobs, recover from an addiction, or whatever else we are experiencing, we begin the process of growth. No one ever said personal development or transformation was easy.  In fact it is the most difficult thing to go through when you are ready for change.

Anytime we start this journey, the excitement is there, and the anticipation for something better is very much attractive.  The possibilities in life seem endless. Then it happens. It is as if it comes on suddenly and the wave of frustration and panic floods the body. Fear takes over the brain and paralyzes the mind.  

All of the progress and hard work already accomplished seems like nothing now.  It’s just easier to quit and go back to the way things were. The feelings of despair and...

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5 Tips to Accept and Surrender To A Situation

“Sometimes surrender means giving up trying to understand, and becoming comfortable with not knowing” Eckhart Tolle

Life can throw us situations, challenges and obstacles that we feel we have no control over.  We may feel overwhelmed, stuck and it looks as if there is no solution in sight. It seems as if our situation will last forever.  

We feel the need to control how things will happen and is left disappointed when more resistance and frustration happens.

During times of challenges and struggles is when personal growth happens.  

It is those times is when we learn the most about ourselves in order to get to our next level of awareness on this journey called LIFE.

As human beings, when things happen that we have no control over, it sends us into a vortex of emotions that makes us feel powerless. We fight against what is happening instead of going with the flow and accepting and surrendering to the situation at hand.

We block our growth from...

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How To Know When It’s Time To Let Go Of A Friendship

If you have ever experienced personal growth you’ll know it’s not easy.  Every experience we choose to grow with, every situation that evolves, there comes expansion.  Sometimes that expansion means leaving behind people that no longer resonate with you.

While that in itself is a scary thought, you have to trust that everything is happening the way it should.  As you grow as an individual and enhance your life experiences through the lessons you learn, you will notice that some people make it with you on your journey and some of them don’t.  

The people that make it on this ride with you are the people that make you feel good, that you feel joy, happiness and expansion. You navigate challenges and obstacles together with ease.  There is support, love and a feeling of security. Then there are people where you might feel a sense of disconnect, lack and instability.

Throughout my journey, I have encountered some beautiful experiences with...

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