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what to do when you're feeling low, 5 tips to lift you back up

It's easy to float through life when things are going well. But when things don't go your way, it's also easy to get swept up in the chaos, tripping over each move you make.

The struggle becomes real with each negative thought and it feels like you're stuck in mud. And the more you try to get out, the more you struggle.

But there is good in all of this. With each moment you have the power to take control of what you think and how you feel which allows you to take control of what you can.

Here are 5 tips to help pull out you of those low moments with more clarity and momentum toward what you really want.

  1. Stop what you're doing and take a DEEP BREATH in through your nose, filling your belly up with air and slowly exhaling out through your NOSE while deflating your belly back down. Not all breathing is created equal. This breathing will calm your nervous system and help you bring more peace into your fight-or-flight body. This will help you choose better feeling thoughts and feelings. If you want more help with your breathing so it becomes effortless, join me inside The High Vibers Community where we have live breathing breaks and you'll receive coaching around any questions you have.
  2. Ask yourself in the moment of feeling low, WHAT DO I WANT? WHY DO I WANT? and HOW DO I WANT TO FEEL? Focus on what you can do to feel that way asap.
  3. Take a shower of light nap. Lay down for 10 or more minutes and imagine a beautiful white light coming in from the top of your head, moving through your body and out through your toes. Keep this visualization going until you feel better. 
  4. Take a cold shower. Research shows the benefits of taking cold showers and I can fully attest to that with the cold plunges that I do. It helps to improve your mood and alleviate any pain and inflammation happening inside your body. When you get stressed, your body releases hormones that keep you in fight or flight mode. Cold showers help to reduce the build-up of those stress hormones bringing more balance to your body.
  5. Reaffirm to yourself that you're being guided and supported at  ALL times. Anytime you're feeling down, remind yourself that you're being guided to get closer to what you want. TRUST that you are supported. TRUST is TO RELY UPON SPIRIT TOTALLY.

By practicing these 5 tips, you're training your mind and body to navigate the low times with ease, and as a result, your bounceback rate increases, which gets you back up on your feet quickly so that you can attract what you want, be happy and stress less.

These little habits go a long way and will set you up for more happiness and joy even when you're struggling with something.

Remember, your life is made up of little moments so be mindful of how you're choosing to spend your TIME when things aren't going your way.

And keep in mind, "this too shall pass.". Everything is constantly moving and shifting within the Universe we live in so become adaptable to each moment and know that you have what it takes to overcome anything with less struggle and more joy.

You are worth it and so are your dreams. You've got this!