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This One Thing Will Help You Let Go Of A Toxic Relationship

This One Thing Will Help You Let Go Of A Toxic Relationship

In life we encounter many different people and as a result we form many different relationships.  Some of those relationships are easier to let go of and some you just want to hold onto even though they cause you pain.

The thing I realized about leaving a toxic, not so healthy relationship was that even though the writing was on the wall that things were getting bad, there was still a little voice that kept popping up in my head telling me maybe it was your fault after all, maybe if you did this differently or did that or maybe shouldn’t haven’t said that or maybe didn’t act that way, things would be different. And in some cases this awareness can be a good thing.

It brings light to the things that needs to be worked on within yourself first.  But when you constantly only find fault in yourself and recognize that it wasn’t all you, is when you are able to move on and let go in a healthy...

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