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The 5 lessons I’ve learned on the Road to Moving on and Letting go from my Breakup

Your marriage has ended now what?


So many thoughts, emotions and memories flood your mind and body at the same time.


At times you don’t know if you’re in the middle of a bad dream or if this is really happening.


The ending of a marriage is debilitating and paralyzing.


When you decided to get married you thought about a future with that person, getting old, traveling together, raising kids together.


This is not what you pictured.


Now this is your reality.


While other families are planning vacations or traveling, or doing things as a family unit, you are trying to figure out what to do next with your life.


Which feels like you’re hanging on by a thread.


Uncertainty, fear and overwhelming thoughts surround you.


How are you ever going to get through this?


I’ve been where you are.


There are 5 major lessons I learned on my road to moving on and letting go and I’m going to...

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3 Magical Questions That Will Shift Your Thinking

As I look back on my past week, I realized that it was a week full of lessons thrown my way.  I was reminded once again to stand my ground, feel more love, less anger, and have unshakable faith in my belief system and vision. What a week, right?!

I am a big believer in creating your own path.  Aligning our thoughts and our feelings to create the future we want. Sometimes though, life still hands you experiences that need your attention in order to get to the next step.  This week proved that I still had some work to do in some areas of my life.

When you think of someone being bullied do you think of middle school, high school or even elementary school kids?  That’s what immediately pops into my mind when I hear the term bully. Merriam-Webster’s definition of a “bully” says “to treat someone in a cruel, insulting, threatening or aggressive fashion; to cause someone to do something by means of force or coercion”.  Now what...

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How To Turn Fear Into Fuel

We all have moments where fear can stop us right in our tracks.  We start looking at all the things going wrong and become scared of what’s to come.  Sometimes life hands us situations that seem like a challenge and obstacle and that’s when most of us give up on the thing we want.  We allow that fear to consume us and feed into it. We can’t see the gift in the challenge, that opportunity for growth and discovery.

So how do we turn fear into something positive, into something that can benefit us and allow us to receive what we truly want?  We first have become AWARE of what is making us scared. Becoming aware of why we are afraid, can help us get clear on what we do want.  When we know what we DON’T want, that helps us understand what we DO want. Anytime you experience a situation where you can easily list out all the things you don’t like about it, stop for a second and become conscious of the moment you can flip your story.


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