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Are your thoughts making you WEAK?


Have you ever had days where sometimes you just feel so drained and tired? That your day to day experiences feel like they're sucking the life right outta you?

Yup, been there, done that.  When I reflect back on those particular days, I notice it's when I'm giving my attention to the things that bring me down.  Like a person I'm interacting with, or a situation that I'm dealing with. 

Our thoughts are energy. They create feelings that are also energetic. 

Imagine when you get really heated about something.  And you can feel the blood rush to your face, your shoulders tense up and your stomach begins to feel twisted up.  What do you think is happening?  Do you think you ate something bad?   It's possible. Or maybe the thoughts you just consumed got you all out of sorts.

Have you wondered about the thoughts you feed your body?  How they can make you feel strong, empowered or weak.

Bet you haven't given much thought to your thoughts right?  Our thoughts can make us feel bad. When you allow yourself to entertain the thoughts that drain you, you're basically inviting them in for a sleepover.  And before you know it, they have infested you and your entire family with a case of the flu. That leaves you weak, tired and run down.

You better believe that the thoughts you think affect others around you.

Go ahead and try it out yourself.  Notice when you're feeling good, see how the people around you act. And notice when you're feeling bad, how the people around you act.

Look at which thoughts weaken you and which thoughts make you feel energized.  And you're always going to know by how you FEEL.

Here's what you can do to start noticing your thoughts.

When you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts (and you'll always know by the way you feel), write down the keywords you find yourself repeating. 

Write down statements you're saying out loud or to yourself.

By becoming more AWARE of the thoughts you have on repeat, your ability to change them increases.

When you notice which thoughts are beating you down, CHOOSE another thought.  Choose one that feels better than that last thought.  And keep choosing and keep choosing until you are strong enough to get those negative thoughts outta your house aka your mind.

Remember what you're doing here is taking the steps to find relief from one negative thought to another. 

The goal is to find relief. Not to go from feeling negative to jumping for joy.  Although you can certainly do that as well if it's fitting for your situation.


The more you practice this, the easier it will become to control the thoughts that you invite in.


When you begin to feel good, your energy changes and you begin to pay attention to the things that make you feel good.


When you feel good, you behave in a certain way and the actions you take will serve you.


When the action steps you take aligns with what you want, and how you want to feel, then the results you experience will be in your favor.

Going through a divorce sucks.  And if you allow your thoughts to control you, you will find yourself feeling stuck and unable to move forward with your new life.


No one wants that. 

You with me?  Ok now go on with your bad self and have a kick-ass day where you get to feel empowered, strong, full of energy and life.


p.s to help you strengthen those thoughts check out my list of disempowering thoughts vs empowering thoughts. Use this list as a guide to shift your thoughts back to feeling good.

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