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35 Empowering Thoughts to Have

Hey there!

I hear this all the time, Vita i know i need to change this but I can't do it, i just can't do it, i don't know how.

As much as going under the covers and hiding when something scares us (sounds intriguing sometimes right) the reality is we have to face our fears.  Did you read my email last week when I talked about overcoming two of my fears..oh baby was it good. Go check it out now if you didn't. (if it went to your spam, add me to your contacts so you never miss one of my crazy but true stories). 

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Sometimes the biggest struggle we have and we don't even realize it, is noticing when we have disempowering thoughts. And that can be scary when we realize we need to change the way we've been thinking. Especially when you've been doing it for like, your whole life! 

Disempowering thoughts are so freaking destructive that it will keep you playing small, it will shrink you down to the size of the kids in "Honey i shrunk the kids" ( have you seen that movie?) and it will literally keep you stuck.

Most of the time we don't even realize we have disempowering thoughts because it's become part of our story.  The thing we keep telling ourselves over and over again. 

When you notice you have a disempowering thought you begin to feel bad.  It feels like you're swimming in toxic sewage water.  It's that feeling you get when you're playing monopoly and you get the card that says DO NOT PASS GO. You know what I'm talking about. 

Well, don't worry because I've got a secret weapon for you! Next time you have a disempowering life-sucking thought, replace it with an empowering thought.  Make it your mantra every time the negative thought pops, in.  

How does that saying go, Repetition is the mother of skill. Let me say it again, repetition is the mother of skill, meaning by constantly doing something over and over again, you master that particular skill.  And changing your thoughts is a skill, my friend.

It takes discipline, practice and lots of repetition to get your thoughts to follow your direction. 

Today I've got a little somethin somethin for you.  It's a list of disempowering thoughts followed by empowering thoughts you can use. Print this nifty little list and take it with you or just screenshot it if that works better. 

The point is to keep it near you so when you notice your thoughts taking you into that toxic sewage water you can change the direction and go somewhere else. it's like a little roadmap if you will on changing your thoughts. 

But like a GPS unless you tell it where to go it won't do a thing, so you have to use your list and tell your mind where you want it to go, which is hopefully on the empowering thoughts.

You can grab that list HERE.  

How freakin cool is that!

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Have a fabulous week my precious friend!❤