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3 Ways To Release Resistance Around A Subject

3 Ways To Release Resistance Around A Subject

We all have something we bump up against that causes us to feel tension and constriction.  Whether it’s in our careers, relationships or just every day things in life. This past week I noticed how many people around me were bumping up against things in their life and felt stuck in their situation.

When my father’s alcoholism began to take form in my early teenage years, there were many times I felt consumed by it.  Wondering if things would get any better and how it would happen. I spent 14 years feeling stuck and unhappy. I wouldn’t recommend you do the same.   Helping people shift their way of thinking has become my passion and mission. I know how powerful it can be and once you make it part of your lifestyle.

As a society in general we always tend to move towards what isn’t working in our lives.  We focus on what makes us feel bad. The boss that gets on our nerves, the husband or wife that won’t do something we want, our own personal battles, like addiction, and self-worth.  Think about how much time you spend on those problems. How much time you spend talking about it and thinking about it.

You know by the way it makes you feel. Imagine pushing against a concrete wall, trying to move it but failing every time.  How does that feel? Exhausting right? The resistance that is created feels like tension, like you are literally pushing against a wall with nowhere to go.

So how can you move through this resistance and start living the experiences you want instead of what you don’t want? Well for one, understand there is no push a button easy way to do this.  In order to make permanent mindset changes you have to make it part of your lifestyle. Become more aware of when you’re feeling tension and consciously take the next three steps to start making that shift. It takes conscious work and effort to free ourselves of sabotaging habits and patterns.  Are you ready?

Step 1. We take on average about 23,000-24,000 breaths a day.  I know right! How many times are we consciously aware of our breathing?  Focusing on the breaths going in and out of our body helps bring us back to ourselves.  With the flow of each luxurious breath, our mind, body and spirit connection grows deeper.  It brings calm to a chaotic mind and lessens the physical tension in our bodies. You don’t have to be a meditation guru to do this. All you need to do is become more aware of your breathing when you’re in situation that makes you uncomfortable.


Step 2. Trust.  This is a big one.  Especially when doubt, disappointment, past hurts and fear of the unknown comes into play.  What is trust? Trust is opening your heart, believing in yourself and believing in the abundance of the universe.  Trust is believing in something even when the outer world seems to reflect something different. Rather than thinking about your circumstance ask yourself this question? How can I increase my sense of well-being today?  You can also ask yourself, what can I do right now to increase my well-being? Asking yourself questions like this or similar, connects you back to YOU.  These questions will lead to inspired action to build up those good feelings.  Albert Einstein once said “the most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”


Step 3. Understand that obstacles and challenges will show up.  It is there to get us to pay attention to something we may have missed before.  It will keep showing up in different forms. Ever move from one job to the next only to find out your new boss is exactly like your old boss.  Or have you ever left one relationship and on to the next only to find that your new partner has a lot of the same qualities and traits like your ex?  Instead of ignoring these signs and immersing yourself in the resistance of the new situation, ask yourself, what can I learn from this? When you use obstacles and challenges as an opportunity to grow and expand and focus on what you want and hold your vision, you will notice that what was once a challenge will soon dissolve.


Taking the time to acknowledge your breathing, trusting and believing that well-being is yours whenever you want, and asking yourself powerful questions in times of resistance can lessen your tension around a particular subject or circumstance. Instead of bumping up against things and feeling like you’re stuck in glue, you will start feeling better, doors will open, things will start showing up, inspiration to take action will appear.  You will begin to feel like you’re flowing instead of feeling constriction.


If you’re looking to lessen resistance around a particular subject, then I highly recommend you start with the three steps above.  It’s not a push a button solution and will require awareness, effort and action on your part. Once you shift your mindset on how you handle uncomfortable situations in your life, you will never go back to how it was once before.  


With that said, are you willing to release some resistance in your life?  How can you apply the tips above to a situation in your life right now?