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Which Going with the Flow Type are You?



You're probably thinking, what the hell is a "going with the flow" type?

Well my friend, I made up the term on a coaching call with one of my clients in my entrepreneurial mentorship program..true story.

We were talking about something, where she completely gave up control of a situation in her life.

She didn't do anything.

She didn't react or respond.

She didn't try and change her thoughts around it.

She didn't ask herself what she wanted instead.

What she did was apply the statement "I'm going with the flow" to her everyday life.

That going with the flow mentality cost her thousands of lost dollars in her business.

She didn't consciously do something to lose that much money but it was what she didn’t do that allowed someone else to control the outcome of what happened to her.

That's when I broke down the two types for her and the term was created..Viola!

(Can you tell I've been playing lots of magic games with my kids lately?)

So, what’s the difference between “going with the flow” and “going with the flow?"

Going with the flow can mean two different things.

  1. You can be in the flow when you're experiencing a situation that you don't like but you're not doing anything to make it better for you. You're kind of just going with the flow, allowing things to happen, and allowing others to take the driver’s seat to your thoughts and emotions.
  2. The other type of going with the flow means you're experiencing something in your life, that propels you forward to get clear about what you want in your life. YOU decide which emotions serve you? You set your intention about how you want to feel. Then from that place, you take action steps towards what you want. You become open to what's to come your way. You are going with the flow. Knowing that you are doing the things to get you closer to what you want.

Can you tell the difference between the two?

In the first situation, you're giving your power away to others to dominate your thoughts and feelings. You're letting the situation "just be" without doing anything to change its direction. This is where I don't like the term "it is what it is".

Because there's always something you can do.

You can change your thoughts, reaction, and perception of a situation.

The second situation is you defining what you want even if you don't have all the answers

but you’re allowing yourself to cultivate a space to go with the flow and allow things to happen.

You're doing the work.

Here's a quick video to explain more about "the going with the flow" type.


Today I want you to check in with yourself.

Look at areas in your life and see which type of "going with the flow" state you're applying to each area.

If you're using the first type, in what ways can you get clear on what you want and move forward from there?

Look out for my next post on where we talk about surrendering to a situation.


Have a great week and know I'm always cheering you on.

Much love,


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