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How a Negative Encounter Can Turn Into A Gift

This past week I learned a huge lesson from the universe based on an interaction I had with my ex-husband and his girlfriend.  One that has been a long time in the making. Apparently I've been taking my time on learning this one thing.

There are always going to be people that will try and bring you down.  They will get enjoyment from your failures and they will sit back and laugh as you suffer or what they think is suffering. They will laugh at your pain. They will judge and criticize you and of course in their eyes they are perfect.  

Those types of people always look at the negative in your situation, always look at the bad and thrive off of getting validation from others about their views and opinions.  They can easily justify why they say the things they say and do everything they can to bring you down to their level. The mistakes you make, the hurts you feel are only fuel for them.  It’s like loading them up with more ammo to keep shooting your way.

Everything I teach I have implemented in my own life. Sometimes I need to practice some processes and techniques a lot more than others.   

This week I made a choice to continue a conversation I should have walked away from. After reflecting back on the whole experience, I'm glad I didn’t.  It was truly a gift. One that finally needed to be dealt with or it would have showed up again.

People that are unhappy in their own lives will do everything in their power to bring you down to their level of unhappiness.

If you are truly focused on doing YOU and focusing on the things you love and want to create, someone else’s pain shouldn’t be your focus.  You wouldn’t sit back and enjoy watching someone struggle or go through a difficult time.

Would you sit back and watch a love one struggle without trying to be supportive and helpful?   As you’re answering that question right now I am pretty sure you wouldn’t feel good watching someone suffer.  

If you come from a place of love for everything in your life, even the people you dislike wouldn’t be as much of a concern to you.  Yes, you may have a chuckle here and there but you wouldn’t whole-heartily sit and laugh, judge or criticize another human being. You wouldn’t be waiting for them to fail.  

We are all human beings.  We all make mistakes, we all have journeys that we are on and some of us struggle harder than others.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much kindness you give to another, you’re just not going to get that back.  It hurts and yes you have to be ok with that. What it means to “do life” is to be human. I have fallen flat on my ass, I get angry and yes I cry.  I have cried so much at times that rivers have formed from my tears.

Other people’s opinions do not matter.  DID YOU CATCH THAT? I’ll repeat it one more time just in case you missed it, OTHER PEOPLE’S OPINIONS DO NOT MATTER.  

They are going to believe what they want to. At the end of the day, you know what’s best for you and you have the inside scoop on YOU.  No one else. They may think that they know everything from where they are sitting but the truth is, they only know what they believe. And so is the same for you.  It doesn’t mean that their actions or words won’t hurt, but you can choose to keep focusing on YOU.

My takeaway from this experience is that the only thing I can control is ME.  Something I already knew but was reminded of. Some people will say what they want to, and you can sit there and try to defend yourself and your actions but really and truly they can’t even hear you.  They don’t want to. They get a kick out of seeing you hurt.

Is that really someone worth talking to? Is that the kind of person you really need to explain anything to?

The only thing I have control over is ME.  I can choose to move forward with my life creations and climb those mountains as they come up or I can choose to sit with the negative energy of others and let the lower energies take control of my thoughts and feelings.

I choose to be surrounded by love, to be empowered by my choices and to know that I am on the right path.  Every experience I have good or bad, is leading me to where I want to be. To another, it may look a certain way but to me I am being given gifts every single day and I am using them to help me get to where I want to be.

What gifts are you receiving and how are you going to use them to create your life?



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