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I Quit


Hey there!

Have you ever just quit something? Like full on had enough and didn't want to do it anymore?  Well that was me the other day. 

Usually, when someone quits something you hear a lot of, I’m sorry, what happened?  Well, what if quitting wasn't a bad thing?

What if there was nothing to be sorry about and deciding to quit was actually a good thing??

I quit putting my energy into something that wasn't serving me anymore.  I quit giving my power, thoughts, emotions, and energy to someone that just wasn't receptive to what I was sending out.

And wow! What an incredible feeling to walk away from a situation like that.

Most people think of quitting as giving up or throwing the towel in but when you realize that you're doing something and you're not getting the results you want and decide to adjust and recalibrate your plans then quitting is the best thing you could do.

We let ourselves stay in situations longer thinking something will change.  We think something miraculous will happen and the change we wish to see will just magically appear.  

Guess what? People are not going to transform into the person you wish they would be if they aren't taking the time to work on themselves.

What ends up happening is that you'll find yourself frustrated, annoyed and disappointed that the headway you desire isn't happening.  

It's the feeling of getting yourself out of quicksand.  You're doing all this work to climb out but you're not getting anywhere.

Sometimes you need to make a decision to let go and walk away, knowing that you did the right thing.  

And how will you know that you did the right thing?  By how you feel.

If you feel lighter like a weight has lifted from your chest, like you can breathe again then you know the situation that you were pouring all of your energy into was actually just sucking you into a trap and draining you.

Quit responding to text messages that make you upset.

Quit looking at social media that make you compare yourself to others.

Quit giving your energy and emotions to someone that doesn't care.

Quit feeling like you're worthless because baby you are a precious human being and no one can take that anyway from you.

Quit feeling like you have nothing more to give because you DO!

Quit thinking about someone that doesn't see your value as a person.

Quit doing work for someone that doesn't appreciate you and create a game plan to share your talents somewhere else.

Quit thinking things are going to get better if you're not actively doing anything to change your situation.

Quit saying you're going to try and get out there and DO.

Quit being so hard on yourself and open up your heart to love more of who you are.

Quit negative thinking and start taking baby steps to think more positively and feel better doing it.

Quit focusing on negative aspects of your life and start appreciating all the little things working well.

If you want to quit something that isn't serving you, then go ahead. I give you permission to let go and QUIT.

Quitting isn't always bad if it's serving you in the end.

Have a fabulous week my friend!

Much love,


PS: Are you stuck in negative self-talk? 

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