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How to Find Your Value

How to Find Your Value

Have you ever continually given to another person only to realize that your intentions have been taken advantage of and now you’ve suddenly become that person’s doormat? Sounds familiar?  Well this past week I was someone’s doormat and I had the opportunity to think about what was going on inside of me to have reflected this experience.

I am a firm believer that your outer reality is a direct reflection of your inner world.  The interaction I had with this person was leaving me feeling frustrated and annoyed. The behavior I received from this person had me questioning how I really felt about myself to attract this into my life.  When someone talks down to you or treats you in a way that doesn’t feel good usually you wonder why it’s happening. Why isn’t this person giving you what you want?

When I sat down to think about what I wasn’t receiving from this person, I also asked myself what was I NOT giving to myself.  I was looking for mutual respect and understanding. In what ways was I not giving myself those qualities?

As I got deeper into recalling how I acted in certain situations and the thoughts I was thinking leading up those situations, I noticed that I was allowing these things to take place.  I was allowing these behaviors to present themselves, believing that it was okay to be treated like that. That it was no big deal. The truth is, it was a big deal. I wasn’t honoring my value and my self-worth.  The value and self-worth that says, I deserve better than this. It doesn’t matter what unconscious sub-programming I was working off of from past experiences, in this moment I do not deserve this, I deserve more. It’s ok to desire more and it’s definitely ok to receive it.

Self-respect and self-worth comes from honoring your soul.  It means speaking and acting from a level of integrity and honesty that reflects your higher self. It means standing firm in what you believe, even if others do not believe the same and acting in ways that reflect your values.  How you treat yourself is how others will treat you. By becoming more aware of how you are feeling, allows you to recognize your self-worth. Do not automatically accept something unless truth resonates for you.

This was a big week in reinforcing my beliefs around my self-worth. It brought me back to my Self.  To recognize what I wasn’t giving to myself. Not everyone is going to act the way you want them to. In cases like that, you need to re-evaluate why you have them in your lives and what lessons are you learning from having them in it.

The next time you find yourself in a situation where someone isn’t giving you want you want, take a moment to sit back and see where you are not giving yourself those things.

Your value starts from within.  When you know your true value and self-worth as an individual you start attracting situations that reflect that

If you’re looking for love, how are you not loving yourself? if you’re looking for respect in what ways are you not respecting yourself?