Decompress & Reset:

Rejuvenate your Mind + Body with Meditation

These classes provide you with the well-being and peace you crave in the midst of the everyday. 


Meditation with Vita Lagalla
Register for class: Monday at 12pm EST
Register for class: Tuesday at 1pm EST
Register for class: Thursday at 1pm EST

During our time together, you will learn how to recalibrate and connect back to your Life Force Energy

Why connect to your Life Force Energy?

It is the most powerful tool you possess, in creating the life that you want. Your breath is your Life Force Energy and when you intentionally tune into it, you’re able to shape your moments with clarity and direction by quieting the monkey mind and focusing on what you want, instead of what you don’t want.✨

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Improved concentration- So you can focus on what matters 
  • Become less bothered by little things - eliminate tunnel vision so you can see the bigger picture
  • Better Health -Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Raised Vibration- Manifest what you want faster

These classes are a good fit if you:

  • Struggle with embracing change
  • Fear the unknown
  • Crave certainty and peace of mind
  • Feel blah and meh and have a desire to change your emotional state
  • Constantly live in survival mode
  • Seek Clarity
  • Want to be happy
  • Want to feel at peace
  • Overthink things
  • Question yourself and doubt your decisions
  • Have a hard time making decisions
  • Want to strengthen your meditation skills
  • Interested in learning more about meditation and making it part of your routine

You might be thinking 🤔

I can use an app and download a meditation....I don't see how I can fit this in, I already have so much going on.....

But, the truth is...

You can download a guided meditation but your time spent meditating won’t be effective. You’ll spend more time battling your thoughts and after a while, you’ll go back to old habits and patterns because you won’t see the benefits or value in sticking with a meditation practice.

Or you might continue to meditate on autopilot which can fuel negative or limiting thoughts and that only leads to experiencing more of the things you don’t want.

The benefit of committing to live classes:

Every live class gives you the opportunity to deepen your meditation practice and holds you accountable to do the thing you said you would do.  You're showing up for YOU and the people around you. This is your time to fill up your cup with an immersive meditation experience where you get the full benefits….all the time.

The long run:

Over time, you'll realize that you don’t have to be a slave to your thoughts or the challenges of your reality. Through meditation, you attain the power to control your thoughts, feelings, and actions as well as increase your ability to hear inner guidance aka your intuition.

This gives you the power to be in the driver's seat of your life, where you get to enjoy the unfolding of your moments, instead of stressing over them. 

Here’s what to expect:

Each class is around 20-25 minutes long. You'll begin with a light stretch to open up your energy and release any physical tension.  You will then be guided through a meditation where you will tune into well-being, feeling relaxed and tranquil.

By the end of class, you’d think you had just left a relaxing, week-long spa retreat. You’ll feel that good!

Are you ready to experience more peace and happiness?


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Meet your Meditation Teacher

Vita is a highly experienced meditation teacher and Master Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, helping thousands of individuals harness the power of their breath to navigate stressful situations and manifest their desires. With over 8 years of coaching and leading meditations,  Vita is known for her intuitive abilities and her ability to help students break through limitations and reach new levels of success by manifesting what they want.

In addition to her private sessions, Vita also offers her advanced manifesting Misogi Program inside The High Vibes Lounge, where she guides women through meditations and weekly lessons to help them achieve a yearly Misogi – a life-defining goal with the potential to transform every aspect of their lives for the better.

She's co-founder of the Emerging Women's Lounge,  a business lounge that supports new entrepreneurs and business owners in gaining confidence and growing their businesses. She's also the host of the podcast, "Heartbreak to Happy," where she shares personal stories, tips, and lessons to inspire and motivate women, to get back on their feet after a breakup.

Vita's expertise also extends into the corporate world, where she leads meditations and delivers talks to HR professionals and executive leadership teams, empowering them with the skills necessary to navigate stressful situations and manifest a better outcome.

Whether through virtual or live classes and workshops, Vita has the unique ability to tune you into the frequency of what you want, helping you manifest your dreams and live a high-vibing life, one breath at a time.