Three Steps To Move Through Obstacles And Attract What You Want

Use your setbacks as a catalyst to move you toward what you want, using three steps and 30 seconds!

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Vita spends her time teaching, motivating, and inspiring others to live a high-vibing, happier life where their dreams come true

She's a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and a Manifesting and Meditation teacher. She helps you take those uncomfortable steps as you make bold moves to manifest what you want. She's known for her 30 Second breathing breaks, Manifesting Misogi's, and her powerful meditations.

She's a Motivational Speaker, the Founder of The High Vibes Lounge, The High Vibers Community Area, co-founder of the Emerging Women's Lounge, and podcast host of Heartbreak to Happy.

When she's not helping to change lives for the better, you'll find her loving on her musician partner, being a mommy to her three kids, and manifesting her own Misogis.

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