Step into the extraordinary realm of the High Vibes Lounge ‚Äď where the symphony of breathwork,¬†a new life experience,¬†and the dance of Universal Laws converge.¬† Ignite your manifesting superpowers like never before.

Within the Lounge's VIP program lies an approach to manifesting that's not just unique ‚Äď it's a¬†potent catalyst for change.

In a world obsessed with quick fixes, we equip you with the tools that chisel out paths to lasting success and happiness. Say goodbye to short-lived results, and dive into lasting transformation.

Manifesting becomes a way of life.

Inside the Lounge, you'll master the art of manifesting by embracing an entirely different approach. Prepare to rewrite rules, and watch your desires materialize in ways that defy expectations.

This space is for the woman who is ready to embody a higher self, where self-discovery collides with uncharted potential.

She's ready to invest TIME back into herself instead of giving it away to others.

What you learn and apply inside the Lounge will cause a ripple effect throughout your entire life that will give you more purpose and joy.

You will shine brighter, have more meaningful relationships and learn how to use your energy to focus on the things that truly matter.

It doesn't matter what struggles you've had in your past or current reality......You are worth it and so are your dreams


Get Off The Cycle Of Feeling Stuck and Wanting More And Step Into A Higher Version of Yourself:

What's included with your VIP Access :

  • Monthly Check-in Calls that include live hot-seat coaching
  • A daily Message of the Day that¬†helps guide¬† your day
  • An extravaganza of manifesting processes/methods library to help raise your vibration anytime
  • Weekly lessons that dive deeper into advanced manifesting processes like increasing Vagal Tone and Polyvagal Theory¬†
  • The accomplishment of a New Life Experience that banishes self-doubt and increases your confidence and self-worth
  • A private community of High Vibing women to keep you accountable and motivated¬†
  • Bonus Masterclasses that amplify your manifesting superpowers¬†

Everything you learn and apply inside the Lounge will increase your confidence and ability to dream bigger and bolder, giving you a richer and more purpose-filled life

Imagine having your own personal life coach in your pocket to guide you through the ups and downs of life..that's a benefit of being a VIP Member 

Your passion for life will ignite. As a member, you will:

  • Have a clear roadmap¬† to help you manifest a goal or a dream that's brewing inside of you
  • Have¬†more energy to do what you love¬†
  • Let go of toxic people and situations that affect your energy
  • Create boundaries that help you to protect your energy
  • Feel more confident with executable action steps¬†
  • Feel more peace and freedom
  • Bring more joy into your moments
  • Extract the good feelings out of your moments to help raise your vibration even when you're struggling

The minute you join The Lounge, you'll feel like you found your place to be seen, heard, and understood.

There is NO dress rehearsal in life. Make the most of it NOW!

  • No more second-guessing yourself
  • No more allowing other people's limiting beliefs to dictate what steps you take
  • No more doubting what you're capable of
  • No more feeling like you're stuck, wishing for things to happen
  • No more feeling like you're not ready or not good enough
  • No more freezing in place and staying in your comfort zone

You will learn how to manifest what you want in spite of what your current reality tells you. 

Imagine if you could let go of the things holding you back as you move closer to what you want, with trust, that you are being guided along the way.

Become a Member today and get Access to: 

 A Message of the Day

Every morning you'll get an email from a card deck that guides you in increasing your present-moment awareness. With each message, you'll be guided to:

  • Apply your message to the challenges you face in a day
  • Become intentional about where you're placing your attention and focus
  • Be reminded of the little things that bring you joy that often fall to the wayside of the happenings of your day

 Weekly Lessons

Each week you'll receive a lesson with a process/method to apply and take action on or a little motivation to keep moving forward.

These lessons are short but powerful when it comes to forming a new habit and changing your vibration. The more you take action on them, the more you train the filter of your mind, your RAS to look for more of those lessons. This creates momentum, activating The Law of Attraction to bring you the experiences you look for, through your new vibration. Some of these lessons include

  • Mindset shifts
  • Growth tools
  • Encouragement
  • In-depth dive into a particular Universal law
  • Exercises that help you strengthen the skillset of fine-tuning your frequency

 Processes and Methods Library

These tools help you to take action by fine-tuning your vibration and raising it to match the frequency of your desires. Here are some examples of what's included:

  • 90-second ride the wave of your emotion
  • 30 second breathing breaks
  • Activate 5
  • Brain trainer exercise

Lessons on Universal Laws to Support You

You'll learn what these Universal Laws are and how to apply them in your everyday routine.

These invisible but powerful laws help connect you to manifestation magic. Here are some examples:

  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Deliberate Creation
  • The Law of Detachment
  • The Law of Allowing
  • The Law of Sufficiency and Abundance and many more!

Access to a Private High Vibers Community

As you take those steps, it might feel uncomfortable and at times you may need a little extra support 

  • A private Q & A Area to get all your questions answered as you take the steps to unfold your Misogi Dream 
  • A high-vibing community that offers motivation, inspiration and support with other members of the Lounge
  • A place to track your Misogi steps throughout the year 
  • Breathe with me Lives: Practice your 30 seconds breathing breaks for a dose of calmness throughout your day with guided sessions from Vita

Masterclasses with Manifesting Experts

You'll learn from other experts, their tools, processes, and methods in manifesting, to help up your manifesting skills and what you bring into your life.

  • How to Alchemize your Energy with Rachel Ross Smith
  • How to Use Visualization to Manifest your Dreams with Linda Carmichael
  • How to Hack your Subconscious for Financial Abundance with Stephanie Keith 

And many more!

Virtual Monthly Check-In calls

This is your time to share what's happening in your life with other members and get coaching as you navigate the ups and downs

Get ready to amplify your vibes and watch your dreams paint the sky!

The High Vibes Lounge is for you if...

  • You're ready to make your goals and dreams a reality
  • Tired of surviving the moments hitting roadblock after roadblock
  • Want better control of your reactions, thoughts, and feelings
  • Help getting out of your comfort zone because you know you're meant for more
  • You want more out of life but you don't know where to start
  • You want to go from stalling to taking ACTION that moves your forward
  • You're tired of functioning on autopilot, doing the same things, the bare minimum, yet expecting different results

Hey, I'm Vita!

The High Vibes Lounge Head Manifesting Coach.

I love cold plunging, sauna sessions, swimming in the ocean, and participating in endurance events that push me out of this Universe.

I also love experiencing life through the eyes of my 3 little humans and being wrapped in the soulful tunes played by my partner.

Growing up I felt like I was meant for more. But my father's alcoholism took up most of my energy.

I didn't know how I was going to be able to reach any of my dreams with the challenges I faced.

But in my darkest moments, I kept dreaming, with an unshakable trust and faith that anchored me down when I felt like I was losing control.

After going through a painful divorce, I was called to step into the life I dreamed about.

I was forced to walk my talk and let go of feeling defeated and worthless.

The challenges I've been through left me wanting to give up and not exist anymore but there was always a whisper that said "keep going, you're meant for more."

 We are all here for a reason and we are divinely protected and guided at all times.

I am reminded of that all the time.

Inside my High Vibes Lounge, I teach women how to think outside the box to overcome their limitations and step into a higher version of themselves so they can manifest the heck out of their dreams.

When you're vibing high, you're not just unstoppable ‚Äď you're a force of nature¬†tapping into the universe's playlist of possibilities! ūüé∂

I know without a doubt, all of our High-Vibing members would all agree. 

Check out their side effects from the Lounge below.

Will you be the next one to experience the high-vibing side effects of The Lounge?

Are you ready to unleash your inner high-vibing badass? ūüöÄ‚ú® It's time to let that unstoppable force shine!

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"Vita's breath work breaks are revolutionary!
From experiencing restlessness, fatigue and brain fog's these sessions literally change my physiology and allow me to feel energized, find clarity and peacefulness.
It even dissipated a headache I had before the session! Vita's program are a game changer if you want to feel good in your body and mind in ten minutes!"

- Tulshi V (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

I have been working with Vita and following her group for a few years now. Her lessons and guidance have been such a blessing, but to be honest, it has taken me a very long time - and a lot of personal growth - to truly believe that I was actually worth receiving the things that she said I deserved. She began talking about picking a MISOGI , breathing, and focusing on what I wanted the most. I really wanted a partner and a new relationship, but I was scared of taking that leap. With Vita’s guidance and the support of the group…and a lot of breathing lol, I began focusing on my MISOGI. Within a week, a guy that I secretly had been interested in asked me out!!!! I was scared, excited, and amazed!!! Vita and her group was with me every step of the way and supported and talked me through everything! Doing the work is hard. Bouncing back from the inevitable setbacks and triggers are hard. But the confidence and strength that are gained along the way are definitely worth it! The lessons and tools that I have learned through Vita’s group have been more valuable than any other book/seminar/therapy session/or anything else I’ve ever been involved with. And now, I have a new partner to prove it! Monica H.

Every session I have with Vita gets me that much closer to my dreams and destiny. Because of my sessions with her I have done an about-face on my career, my relationships with others have drastically improved and I have started to work on past experiences that have framed my life. Who would have thought, my request to the universe was answered by a chance reunion with Vita.

If you have ever been in a situation where you have doubted yourself or lost your bearings, Vita will definitely get you back on track! She has a gift to make you feel safe and reassures you that things will work out. She’s always encouraging you and the best thing of all, is that she is real, she practices what she teaches us.The time I get to spend with her is priceless! She is a gift this world has given to us and everyone woman needs her in their life. Thank you, Vita! - Vicky G. (Team Leader)

"I'm a high-achiever who is always after and creating big goals.
And sometimes I forget to breathe... at least not deeply.
Until I started up again last week after joining Vita in the High Vibes Lounge.
Since then, the breath-work has given me those 5-15 minutes of time throughout my day to have to myself, to reconnect in an intentional way with the vision of what I'm creating next in my life...
and it has fueled up the work I'm doing in my day.
After just two weeks inside now, I've already drawn in an additional 5-figures in my business that I didn't have before.
With that, I've decided to enroll in a new certification program I'm thrilled about that's going to help my clients even deeper which means I'm making an even bigger impact.
All since stepping into the lounge.
I'm also feeling like I'm able to get myself into a higher energy place much more quickly than before.
Breath work is such a valuable tool that just works!
Join the lounge now... seriously.
If you have something you want to create (even if it's simply just feeling better!) --
Get moving on making your dreams and goals happen quicker and join. But you have to do the work! (But the work can be so much fun and make your life so much more enjoyable!)"

- Rebecca B. (Business Coach)

Today’s session was about picking energy to focus on throughout the day. Since I am home sick, I decided that needed to be a healing energy. I am amazed with how well that energy is treating me as a few hours ago I figured I was going to be in bed all day again and now I am actually wondering why I took the day off of work (I know I needed to be off today but I am feeling so much better after the morning session!). Thanks Vita!"

- Amanda S. (Teacher )

I wanted to let you know the side effects ūüôā of booking my Misogi trip and focusing on leveling up = I’ve been eating better, I’ve started walking in the evenings, I’ve been trying to drink more water, I’ve been working on projects around the house that have been sitting for months, I finished a book I was reading, and I’ve even done some self care! Booking this trip has been like a jump start to get me motivated and energized and shifted my focus to show me that I’ve been functioning on autopilot - just doing the same work , the bare minimum, yet expecting different results. Impossible! I want to live life fully and have an amazing partner to share it with - so I DO need to level up in what I do, how I live, the energy I send out, and how I think.

- Monica H.
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Disclaimer: The VIP program is for a duration of 12 months. 
Like anything in life, you will get out of this Lounge what you put into it. We can promise that if you commit to the process and put in the work, you will see results.  You can try the Lounge Risk-Free for 14 days. After 14 days there are no refunds issued.