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The High Vibes Lounge VIP Member (12 month access) Yearly:Get two months FREE

Get Off The Cycle Of Feeling Stuck and Wanting More And Step Into A Higher Version of Yourself:

What's included with your VIP Access :

  • Monthly Check-in Calls that include live hot-seat coaching
  • A daily Message of the Day that helps guide your day
  • An extravaganza of manifesting processes/methods library to help raise your vibration anytime
  • Weekly lessons that dive deeper into advanced manifesting processes like increasing Vagal Tone and Polyvagal Theory 
  • The accomplishment of a New Life Experience that banishes self-doubt and increases your confidence and self-worth
  • A private community of High Vibing women to keep you accountable and motivated 
  • Bonus Masterclasses that amplify your manifesting superpowers 

Everything you learn and apply inside the Lounge will increase your confidence and ability to dream bigger and bolder, giving you a richer and more purpose-filled life

Imagine having your own personal life coach in your pocket to guide you through the ups and downs of life..that's a benefit of being a VIP Member 

[You have nothing to lose but parts of you holding you back from living a fulfilling and happy life. But in case your doubt is high, we offer a 14 Money Back Guarantee.  Try it for 14 days. After 14 days, no refunds are issued]

What our High Vibers are saying:

Vita's breath work breaks are revolutionary! From experiencing restlessness, fatigue and brain fog's these sessions literally change my physiology and allow me to feel energized, find clarity and peacefulness. It even dissipated a headache I had before the session! Vita's program are a game changer if you want to feel good in your body and mind in ten minutes!

Tulshi V (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

I'm a high-achiever who is always after and creating big goals. And sometimes I forget to breathe... at least not deeply. Until I started up again last week after joining Vita in the High Vibes Lounge. Since then, the breath-work has given me those 5-15 minutes of time throughout my day to have to myself, to reconnect in an intentional way with the vision of what I'm creating next in my life... and it has fueled up the work I'm doing in my day. After just two weeks inside now, I've already drawn in an additional 5-figures in my business that I didn't have before. With that, I've decided to enroll in a new certification program I'm thrilled about that's going to help my clients even deeper which means I'm making an even bigger impact. All since stepping into the lounge. I'm also feeling like I'm able to get myself into a higher energy place much more quickly than before. Breath work is such a valuable tool that just works! Join the lounge now... seriously. If you have something you want to create (even if it's simply just feeling better!) -- Get moving on making your dreams and goals happen quicker and join. I've been divorced... I know the struggle and the pain. Now, 5 years after it - here I am. Whatever you want is possible for you too. But you have to do the work! (But the work can be so much fun and make your life so much more enjoyable!)

Rebecca B. (Business Coach)

Today’s session was about picking energy to focus on throughout the day. Since I am home sick, I decided that needed to be a healing energy. I am amazed with how well that energy is treating me as a few hours ago I figured I was going to be in bed all day again and now I am actually wondering why I took the day off of work (I know I needed to be off today but I am feeling so much better after the morning session!). Thanks Vita!

Amanda S.