Move on and Let Go: A Support Group for Divorced and Separated Women (Join for FREE)

Manifest A Better Life As You Move On and Let Go

Private Facebook Community Transition

The Moving on and Letting Go private Facebook Community will be moving over to a private group inside the High Vibers Community.

This group will remain in a private group circle that fosters support and discussions pertaining to your divorce or separation struggles.

Access Includes:

  • A private platform to share your struggles and receive support from other members of your group. No more worrying about lurkers and shady folks 
  • Motivational posts
  • A Monthly Pact created by High Vibers of the Lounge to help you focus on taking baby steps
  • A place to track your DAILY wins so you learn how to focus on what's working in your life
  • A safe space to be seen and heard
  • Mindset training to help you develop Confidence, Self-esteem, and Gratitude
  • Improve positivity to gain a Better Outlook on life
  • A sisterhood of women that knows what you're going through
  •  A supportive community that gets it

This new private community is the place to keep your VIBES HIGH, through the ups and downs as you take baby steps to navigate your new chapter.

What People Are Saying:

I gained comfort, reassurance and positive encouragement through my own posts as well as reading about others' experiences & the advice given. A compassionate & motivating Kavita has been instrumental in helping my healing along.

I gained a sense of selfworth and made new friends from a distance. The support, honesty and understanding from this group made me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I came to this group when I was looking for women who truly understood what I was going through. I got that plus so much more! I feel this is a place that I can go to and express my feelings and get support, encouragement and understanding! I've also been able to offer that to others too! This has been the place where I can learn to grieve and grow!

This group ... these beautiful women... have made me learn to value and love myself again. This is the best group of women I have ever been involved with.

I love these women. They helped me so incredibly much ❤️

It’s nice to know your not alone and others have gone through a similar situation and came out the other side happy. X

Kavita. I just want to say thank you. When i first joined this group almost four years ago. My world was crumbling all around me. As of today i will be going on my last year of school. With Gods help I graduate in May of 2024 with a BA in Business Administration. I felt so hurt that i just wanted to hide under a rock. Im happy and reaching my dreams. I chose to love me first. Awesome group of ladies.

‘I love the support and sisterhood that we feel here. It is great to receive the techniques to handle the situations that arise, such as looking for the wins, the reminders to stay hydrated, the reminders to breathe. And I can vent when I need to. No one judges me but instead will offer suggestions, similar stories and hugs as needed when things are not going well.

Just an update. I have been working hard on myself, looking at my past, making amends and using CBT. I can honestly say I’m am feeling so well right now. Two of three of my adult children interact positively with me and I’m thrilled beyond words. The ex is still so bitter and angry and acts out, but I am so past him. I actually truly feel bad for him. I love the women in the group ❤️